WW1  Pershore

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Survivors who served their Country .....

Most of this information has come to me in the form of 2 documents with no names attributed.  We think that one (or both) of these documents might have been the work of Mr M Wright of Newlands and in that case, we thank him most sincerely for his research. 

[AB] Pershore Abbey War Memorial(listing those who died)
[AL] listed in Pershore Almanac, 1915 edition i.e a list of those who were in service around Dec 1914 or so.
[AV19] Absent Voters list for spring 1919
[EJXXXXXX] Evesham Journal Roll of Service - those listed as in service on a particular date
[EJD16] Evesham Journal, 8 Jan 1916 - Listing of the dead for the previous year

Surnames beginning with A

Sergt.-Major Walter Adams Royal Artillery [AL] (tobacconist, High street, according to 1914 directory)

George Ryland Addis Lived in Bridge Street [AV18]

Private 19172 Walter Francis Aldington Only son of Walter Aldington. Working for J.G. Baker. Kitchener's Army, then 10th Battn. Worcestershire Regiment Transp. Sect.: see the letter home written by Charles Twigg. Lived in No Gains 18. Joined up July 1915, demobilised July 1919 [EJ140926][AL][AV18][AV19][SB]

3273 James L. Amos Royal Navy. Lived Church Row [AV19][SB]

Alfred Amphlett Head Street. 2nd Worcesters. Father of Timothy George. Discharge 8 June 1926

Sergt. Alfred Amphlett 8th Worcesters [AL] Lived in Head Street.

Gnr. 120759 Timothy George Amphlett R.G.A. Son of Alfred. Lived in Head Street. Went out 21st September 1918 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Gnr. 23442 William Ernest Amphlett R.F.A. Lived in New Road [AV18][AV19][SB]SB says R.G.A,

William George Amphlett Bull Entry. R.F.A. and R.A.S.C. Went to France 24th December 1915, discharged 10th October 1917. [SB]

Sgt. 24023 Arthur Charles Andrews 52 Bat. Hants. Lived in High Street [AV18][AV19][SB]

2nd. Lieut. Charles Leslie Andrews 7th Worcesters. Lived in Newlands [AV18][AV19]

Cpl. 240307 Frank Andrews 2/8th Worcs. Regt. Lived in Head Street. Brother of George Sidney. Went out September 1914 [EJ141003][AL][AV18][AV19][SB] Ref. AL lists him as a private in Kitchener's army, which fits when he went out.

Private George Sidney Andrews Territorials/ 1/8th Worcesters. Lived in Head Street. Joined up April 1914 [EJ140926][AL][AV18][SB]

Sergt. John Sidney Andrews R.A.F. Lived in Newlands([SB] says Post Office House) Second son of Holland Andrews, Driffield East Yorks. Obtained Commission in Sept 1918 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Leslie Charles Andrews 1/7th Worcs. Regt. Elder Brother of John Sidney. Italian Expeditionary Force, went out 23rd September 1917. [SB]

Albert Harry Annis   Service No: 263091 Worcestershire Regiment. Lived in Newlands [AV18]  Son of Solomon Annis & Sarah Ann Annis (nee Houghton).  Married Doris Hall in 1919.

Arthur Percival Annis (see photo) was born and bred in Pershore and lived in Birmingham Rd. Fortunately, he was one of the lucky ones who returned home and went on to live until the grand old age of 92.

Private 36180 Edward Annis 327 Co. Royal Defence Corps .Lived in Ganderton's Row [AV19]  Occupation: Gardener. Married Rose Holland in Evesham in July 1891. Father to Ellen, Elsie, Edward & Florence. 

James Annis Church Row [AV18] 

James Annis Priest Lane [AV18]

Pte. 3705 (Christopher) Leonard Annis (See photo)

8th Worcs. Lived at 1, Church row [AV18][AV19]

Service No: 135708 Samuel Annis Royal Engineers - joined in October 1915. Lived in Head Street, married to Florence in 1911. Father of Margaret, Eleanor & George.  Son of Reuben & Ann Annis. 

Private 653978 William James Annis A.E. Worcestershire Regiment. Co. Labour Corps [AV18][AV19]  Service Nos 557 & 658978.

Married Florence Nellie Taylor in 1910. Iron moulder by trade. Lived in Victoria Terrace.  Son of Solomon Annis & Sarah Ann Annis nee Houghton. 

Private 30280 William James Annis (see photo)

11th Worcestershire Regiment. Lived at 3 Little Priest Lane [AV18][AV19]  Joined up age 32 on 29th May 1916 and served until 16th February 1919. Height 5’4 ¾”, Chest 35”. Labourer by occupation. Son of James & Jane Annis of Priest Lane, Pershore. Married Frances Louisa Fletcher in 1906. Son William (Bill) and daughter Frances (Cis) later to be Neale. Widowed in 1921 and married Mary Edginton in 1931 And moved to Engine Terrace. Died 28th May 1949.

William James Annis 1/8the Worcesters. Brother of Arthur and James Samuel. In Italy. Went out August 1915. Demobilised July 1919. [SB]

Dr. Hugh Lowrie Askham (See Photo) Royal Army Medical Corps, according to the Evesham Journal 29 July 1916, which mentions that he'd been a member of the Pershore hockey club. Lived in Bridge street. An Evesham Journal story (28 April 1917) about his partner, Dr. H.B. Emerson (see that entry) mentions that he had returned home after a year's hard work in France. Evesham Journal 16th February 1918 has a report of his wedding, and a photo of him and his bride in the following issue. [SB]

These 2 photographs (above and right) show Christopher LEONARD Annis.  Above shows him in 1914 with the 8th Worcestershire Regiment and right shows him with 2nd Worcestershire Regiment in 1895. 

Service record for Leonard Annis

Arthur Annis

Above is a photograph and official military documents of William James Annis who lived at 3 Little Priest Lane in Pershore.  He was married to Frances Louisa Fletcher who died in 1921.  He later re-married to Mary Edginton and they lived at 2 Engine Terrace, Priest Lane, Pershore.  He died in 1949.

Service record for Edward Annis

Dr Hugh Lowrie ASKAM

Dr. Hugh Lowrie Askham Royal Army Medical Corps, according to the Evesham Journal 29 July 1916, which mentions that he'd been a member of the Pershore hockey club. Lived in Bridge street. An Evesham Journal story (28 April 1917) about his partner, Dr. H.B. Emerson (see that entry) mentions that he had returned home after a year's hard work in France Evesham Journal 16th February 1918 has a report of his wedding, and a photo of him and his bride in the following issue.

Surnames beginning with B

Private John Baker 8th Worcesters [AL][EJ140926]

Lieut. John Herbert Baker 112 Siege Battery. Only son of J.G. Baker, Maltster, Bridge Street. Went out Christmas Day 1916. Demobilised at Gloucester. Evesham Journal, Feb. 2 1918 mentions that Mr. John Griffin Baker of Bridge Street was ill; his son Lieut. John H Baker is now home on leave from France

Dvr. 86773 Cyril Uris Ball 116 Batty., Royal Field Artillery. Lived at top of Newlands. Went out March 1915. [AV18][AV19][SB]

William Izor Ball 2nd Worcesters. Brother of Cyril. Went out July 1916. [SB]

Charles Ballinger 2/5th Gloucesters. Lived in Church Street. [AV18] In Huddersfield. March 1917. Demobilised [SB]

Pte. 240803 Harry Ballinger 9th Worcs. Lived in Church Street. Went out in 1914. Demobilised. [AV18][AV19][SB]

Private Henry Ballinger 8th (Res) Worcs. Regt. - had served in S. Africa [EJ141003][AL]

41735 John Wicketts Ballinger Company Q.M.Sergeant, King's Liverpool Regiment. Lived in Whitcroft. Went out November 1917. Suffered a poisoned foot April 1918 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Cpt. 29553 Ralph Ballinger MC 4th Battn. Surrey Regt. Lived at Whitcroft. Brother of Walter and John Wicketts. Went out Oct. 1917. Was at Hanson's. Won the M.C. in September 1918. All his Officers and N.C.C.s were killed- he brought back his company safely. [AV18][AV19][SB] says 12th Gloucesters.

L-Cpl 231785 Walter Ballinger R.E. Brother of John Wicketts. Lived at Whitcroft [AV18][AV19][SB] says Not out: at Chatham,

Private William ''Willie'' Ballinger 8th Worcesters. Lived at Church Street. Went out with Territorials. In Devon. Demobilised. [AL][AV18][SB]

Harold Barber 10th Worcesters. Lived in Priest lane. Cousin of William and Annie Barber (now Reynolds) of Priest Lane. Wounded in his hand [SB][AV18]

Evesham Journal, 27 April 1918:-- PERSHORE MAN A PRISONER.

Mrs. Harold Barber, of Priest-lane, Pershore, has received news that her husband, Pte. H. Barber, of the Worcesters, was recently severely wounded and is now in Hospital at Leicester. Pte. Barber was gassed in July, and only returned to France three weeks ago. Prior to joining up he worked at the Pershore Post Office as rural postman. He has two other brothers with the colours, Driver J. Barber, now in Italy, and Pte. V.C. Barber in France.

157792 Henry William Barber Lived in Church Street. Lance Corporal 2nd Hampshires, no 42246. Went out Dec 5th 1917. Wounded. 2nd Batt. M.G.C. 1918, [AV18][AV19][SB]

Private Victor C. Barber 8th Worcesters. Was in France in April 1918. see Harold Barber entry above. [AL]

Private Edward Barnard National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL] Church Street.

Alfred Barnes Served. Lived in Newlands. [AV18][SB] No other information.

Pte. Alfred Barnes Garr. Bn. Northants. Newlands. [SB] No other information.

Ralph Bateman No other information [SB]

Private Ernest Batty No-Gains. Son of George Batty (Big Drum man). 2/8th Worcesters Went out May 1918.[AL][SB]

George Robert Batty Nogains. 1/38 London Artists' Rifles. Brother of Ernest. Went out 1st April 1918. [SB]

Bombardier 305020 George Robert Batty Father of the two brothers named above. Lived in No Gains. Royal Field Artillery. At Portsmouth guarding the bridge at entrance. Went up 1914.[AL][AV18][AV19][SB]

Private 35337 Francis William Baylis ('Frank') 9th Worcesters. Mesopotamia. Went out Dec 1916. Brother of Charles Henry. Lived in Broad Street In August 1917 was serving in India: before the war had been with Messrs. Phillips and Sons of Pershore - see his brother Harry's entry below. [AV18][AV19][SB] AV18 spells his name with two `s's.

Gerald Baylis Gloucester Cycle Corps, discharged as medically unfit not long before August 1917 - see the entry for his brother Harry.

Rifleman R/4194 Charles Henry Baylis ('Harry') (See Photo) Telephone Office, Pershore. 2nd King's Royal Rifles. Lived in Broad Street. Garr. Bn. Northants. Newlands. [SB] No other information.

Evesham Journal 4 August 1917:-- PERSHORE MAN MISSING.

Mrs. Bayliss, of the National telephone Office Pershore, has received information from the War Office that her son Harry, of the King's Royal Rifles, is missing. It is a terribly anxious time for her, as he was in the awful Flanders battle of July 10, at which the King's Royal rifles and Northamptons won imperishable fame for their valour and fidelity against impossible odds. Rifleman Harry Bayliss has been two years in France and has been through many big fights. When on short sick leave about a year ago, he brought home a Hun helmet, which is now in his mother's possession. Prior to the war, Harry was at the Union Club, Trafalgar-square, London. Mrs. Baylis has another son, Frank, in India with the colours. Formerly he was with Messrs. Phillis and Sons, Pershore. A third son, Gerald, of the Gloucester Cycle Corps, has been recently discharged as medically unfit.

Evesham Journal 22 September 1917:-- A PRISONER IN GERMANY.

To her great relief Mrs. Baylis, of the Telephone Office, Pershore, has received news of her son, Rifleman Harry Baylis, of the King's Royal rifles, who was reported by the War Office as missing since the sharp engagement at Nieuport on July 10, when his battalion, with the Northamptons. fought heroically against an overwhelming number of the enemy and suffered severe losses. Harry has sent two postcards to his mother, the first dated July 13, apprising her of his captivity, and the second the 14th of August, telling her he was all right, but would like `something to eat' sent on. Both cards were received this week, the last dated coming to hand first. Many Pershore people will share in Mrs. Baylis's pleasure that her worst fears have proved unfounded. (rest of item continued under Arthur Hall)

Private Alfred James Beard 8th (Home Service) Batt. Worcs. Regt. Lived in Newlands, his father was Sam Beard of Ganderton's Entry. Joined up in 1914. Went first to France then to Italy Xmas 1917, then back to France Oct 1918. Wounded Oct 22nd 1918 -- his first injury during the war. [EJ141024][AL][AV18][SB]

Harry Beard Noel Hill, Birmingham. Tank Corps. Brother of Alfred James. In France. Joined up in 1914. Was in Territorials and went out a fortnight after war was declared. [SB]

204073 Harry James Beard 52nd West Yorks. Lived in Church Street [AV18][AV19]

Private Henry Beard Labour Company. South African War [SB]

Private Henry Beard National Reserve (Railway Guard) Lived at Newlands [AL][AV18]

Pte. 227750 Thomas Beard Labour Batt. Lived at Plough Lane (SB says Priest Lane) [AV18][AV19][SB] Probably the Pte. T. Beard attending at Harry Smith's funeral in early 1918.

Lance Corporal 9280 William Beard 2nd Battalion Worcester Regiment. Born in Pershore, enlisted at Worcester (living at Henley-in-Arden, Warks. at the time) Served in France and Flanders. Killed in action 26th September 1915

Pte. Arthur Oswald Bell M.T.A.S.C. Brother of James Edward and Thomas. In Salonica, April 1918, contracted Malarial fever. Grimley, near Worcester [SB

Corpl. James Edward Bell of Cropthorne. 2nd Oxford & Bucks. L.I. Son of Widow Bell, Newlands. Served over two years from 1916. Gassed March 15th 1918 [SB]

Pte. Thomas Bell 2nd Worcesters. Brother of James Edward. Lived in Plough Lane. Listed in 1915 Pershore Almanac as Wounded and taken Prisoner of War.[SB] says he was taken prisoner Oct 21st 1914. Had nearly 10 years of service. [AL][AV18]

Pte. 550007 William George Bell 6th Worcesters. Brother of above three. Lived in Newlands. In hospital in Essex. Wounded May 22nd 1917. Joined up in 1915 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Lieut-Col. C.H. Bennett, D.S.O. 3rd Batt. P.S.U., Brigade [AL] Manor House, Bridge Street.

Hubert Berry Pensham [AV18]

Sidney Berry Pensham [AV18]

Albert Cyril Beynon High Street, Pershore. 98th Infantry, Indian Army. Youngest son of Mr & Mrs A.E. Beynon. Went out Dec 1 1916. In Egypt. Was 2nd Lieut in 14th Cheshires. [SB]

Pte. 38603 Frederick Thomas Bick Qr. 9th Royal Nth. Lancashires Musketry School, France. Dec 1917. Brother of Harry. Lived in Binholme [AV18][AV19][SB]

Lance-Corporal 7371 Harry Bick 15th King's Hussars. 9th Cav Brigade. 1st Cav. Division. Lived in Binholme. France. Went out August 9 1914 [AL][AV18][AV19][SD] [AL] lists him as private.

Private 240500 Joseph William Surman Bick 8th Worcs. Brother of Harry. Lived in Binholme. In Italy. Went out April 1914 [AL][AV18][AV19][SB]

Private 25772 Arthur James Bickerstaff A Squadron, R.R.E. Lived in Bridge Street [AV18][AV19]

Private 035716 Emmanuel Blackwell Army Ordnance Corps. [AV18][AV19] Lived High Street, Plough Inn. October 24th 1915 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Trooper T. Blizzard Worcester Yeomen - listed as missing in Evesham Journal, 20 May 1916

Arnold Irving Henry William Bloxham Operator, Wireless Staff, Marconi Company. Lived in Bridge Street [AV18][AV19]

Trooper Alfred James Boswell Worcester Yeomen - listed as Missing in Evesham Journal, 20 May 1916; evidently still alive for his listing in ref. [AV18]

44007 Charles William Stanley Boulter Berkshire Regiment. Born abt 1899 in Wyre. Supposedly living at Allesborough Cottages, Pershore by the time of the war according to [AV18][AV19], though when he signed up, age 17 on 22 Oct 1917, his signup papers recorded his address as Lower Moor.

15386 Harry Victor Boulter 1st Worcesters. Born in Wyre like his brother Charles above. Lived at Allesborough Cottages [AV19]

14964 George Bourne Royal Marines. Lived in Priest Lane [AV18][AV19][SB]

George William Thomas Bozzard DCM Private 20027 5/Shrops Light Infantry, then Lance Corporal 44504 Somerset Light Infantry. Brother of Arthur above. Lived in High Street. Fought in France, went out 24 November 1915. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 24th Oct 1918. [AV18][SB]

C. Bradstock Batchelor's Entry. Wounded. No other information [SB]

Private Edward Brant Kitchener's Army [AL]

Edward George Brant Brother of Alfred. 5th Worcesters. Gassed and Wounded. Discharge October 1915 [SB]

41119 Ernest Brant Royal Irish Rifles. Lived in Newlands. [Av19]

Private Ernest Brant 8th Hussars. Lived in Newlands, opposite Champkens. Wounded, went to Southampton. Discharged July 27th 1918 [AL][AV18][SB]

G. Brant Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

Jack Brant 23583. 11th Worcesters, France. Brother of Mrs. Fulcher. [SB]

Jack Brant [SB]

Private 23583 John Reginald Brant ('Jack') Lived in Newlands. Went out 1915 to Dardenelles [AL][AV18][AV19][SB][AL] lists him in Kitchener's Army, [AV19] has him in the 11 Hants One entry in SB says 3rd Hampshires, [another entry there says 11th Worcesters!. His sister was Mrs A.E. Fulcher

Arthur Brewer Lived at The Abbey [AV18]

William Peake Brown Pte. Lab. Coy. Lived in Newlands [AV18][SB]

Dr Gordon Browning Royal Navy, according to Evesham Journal 29 July 1916 which says he'd been a member of Pershore's hockey club: SB says he was a Lieut. in R.A.M.C.

Private George Charles Buckle 8th/9th Worcesters. Son of the late Mr and Mrs Buckle of Pershore. In Mesopotamia. Went out 1914.[SB]

Evesham Journal, 27 May 1916 - ` ``ALL GOOD BOYS IN THE WORCESTERS''

Pte. G.C. Buckle, who has been wounded and is at present on a hospital ship, writing to his sister, Mrs. Green, of 12, Bourne's-place, says ``Just a few lines to let you know that I am going on well now. My wound is healing up, and I have very little pain so that I think I shall soon be able to get up and about again. I was wounded on the 5th of April, 1916 when in the attack. We were to take three lines, but of course we were so eager to get them out, that we all pressed forward and cleared the Turks out of their possession, and got them on the run. I got hit when I was getting into the fourth trench.

I daresay you will like to know whether I got the box of fags, I got them just before I went into action. I had only one and then put the rest in my haversack, and when I got hit I had to leave everything behind me. I had not had a smoke for three days, so I could have stopped and had a good smoke. I clung to your photos of you and the children, but lost everything else. I have been sent to India now so I do not know when I shall get back to dear old England. I am going all over the world, am I not? Our General saw me when I was coming down to the dressing station, and he cheered me up a bit, and put his hand on my shoulder and said, we were all good boys in the Worcesters, and we had done very well. He is very proud of his lads and we of him, for he is a good old sort. My chum told me there was a letter for me about three minutes before we had to go into action, but there was not time to get it. It's hard lines when one gets one's letters so near as that and then can't have them. I have still got the bullet in my throat, but shall have it out very soon now, I hope''

Sergeant Joseph Buckle (See photo) Motor Transport Army Service Corps. Brother of Arthur Buckle. Joined August 1914. Discharged 22nd November 1917. [SB] Son of the late Mr and Mrs. Buckle of Pershore, had enlisted at the beginning of the war - Evesham Journal 27th May 1916.

Evesham Journal, 15 May 1915:-- THANKS TO EVESHAM LADIES


Pte. J. Buckle, of the M.T.A.S.C., Meerut Divisional Train, Indian Expeditionary Force, writing to his sister, Mrs. G. Green, of Borthwick-terrace, Evesham, thanks her for her letter and glorious parcel which he had just received and also one from ``the kind ladies you asked to help us out here, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bell. Thanking them and you again and again for all you have done while we have been out here. I am sure it has all been most thankfully received. I have been feeling very queer lately, but am much better now, thank Good. We have been through something this winter. It has been hell upon earth out here. I have been all over the country since I wrote to you first. I was very sorry to hear the sad news of my brother, Will, being wounded, as I was with him only a day or two before he was hurt. I hope he will soon recover, but I think as he has received four bullets poor chap; he is one of the lucky ones to escape with that, but his time was not come, was it? He might have been killed and I too, for look at the months we have been out here. Give him my love when you write to him at Netley and tell him I will write. I shall be glad when it's all over, I tell you, if only for a good rest. Fancy Easter has come and gone and we did not know out here till we received our Easter cards and greetings from home. I have not seen G. Clifton, Dennick or W. Coombes during the last few days, but they are here somewhere.''

AT NEUVE CHAPPELLE. In a letter written on April 28, Pte. Buckle tells his sister that he is getting better and thanks her for her latters and paper. He proceeds:-- ``As you say it is dreadful to read the papers, but it is more dreadful to be here. You say you are pleased I was not in the Hill 60 affair, but we happened to be in the same village, Neuve Chapelle. That was horrible. At the same time we had to force the Germans out from Hill 60. I am glad to hear poor Will is getting better. Since I started writing this letter I have more news to tell you. I and my car have been 3$frac{1{2$ hours under most terrific German shell fire at Ypres. The place is all ablaze; a most shocking sight. I never saw such a sight and hope I never shall again. I am pleased to say I got my car away in safety.

I was with my car watching the shells bursting about twenty to fifty yards away when one shell came right into the house only two yards where I and my car and officers were. You may guess it was a very hot shop to be in. The shells were bursting everywhere so we did not know where to go for safety.''

Evesham Journal article about the Buckle family

Lance Corporal William Buckle (see photo) 1st Worcesters. Son of the late Mr and Mrs Buckle of Pershore. Had fought in the South African War. Had recently been discharged owing to wounds received at Neuve

Chappell. - Evesham Journal 27 May 1916.

James Bunday Lun's Yard. Worcesters. R.E. Son of Mrs Perry of Bearcroft Cottages. Married the housemaid from Lower Hill in 1916. Discharged Oct. 1916 with severe shell shock. [SB]

Alfred Burnham Lived in Bridge Street [AV18]

Sapper 552593 Arthur Burton Royal Engineers. Lived Rose Cottage, New Road [AV18][AV19][SB]

Sapper 23532 Frank Martin Stone Butt Royal Engineers. Lived High Street [AV18][AV19][SB]

The four Buckle Brothers who served their Country during WW1

With acknowledgements and grateful thanks to Newsquest Evesham Journal

Surnames beginning with C

J. Caldrick Territorials [EJ140926]

Aircraftsman 1st Class Robert William Camden -  Service No 142053.  Robert served n the RAF and he joined about 3 weeks after his 18th birthday on 12 April 1918.  He was posted to the British Expeditionary Force and AD aircraft depot  in France He was then transferred to 12 Squadron until 13th October 1919 having been appointed Aircraftsman 1st class. Commemorated on Wyre Piddle War Memorial. Robert was the son of Benjamin and Amy Camden of Wyre Piddle. He married Beatrice Teague in 1922 in

Pershore. He died in 1937.

Charles Catlin Son of Mr. & Mrs. F. Catlin of Pensham, was serving in Royal Navy in June 1917 (see entry below for his brother Fred Catlin)

Private 14051 Edgar John Catlin 2nd. Coldstream Guards. Lived in Pensham [AV18][AV19] Son of Mr. & Mrs. F. Catlin of Pensham. Was serving in France in June 1917 [see following entry for brother Fred]

Private Fred Catlin Worcestershire Regiment (listed as being in Kitchener's Army in [EJ140926])

Evesham Journal 4 June 1917 - ``WOUNDED IN SALONIKA

Mr. and Mrs. F. Catlin, of Pensham, has been informed officially that their son, Pte. Fred Catlin, of the Worcesters, is wounded and is in the British Red Cross Hospital at Salonika. Pte. F. Catlin has been in the army some two years, and has fought against both the Germans in France and the Turks in Mesopotamia. Mr. and Mrs. Catlin have two other sons in the service, Edgar, now in the Coldstream Guards in France, and Charles, in the Royal Navy, a typical British Tar, who has been in more than one scrap with German ships.''

Private 246327 Lees Challenor 609 Ag. Co. Labour Corps. Lived at Manor Cottages [AV18][AV19]

Private Albert Champken 8th Worcesters [AL]

Evesham Journal 12 June 1915:-- PERSHORE MAN WOUNDED. Mrs. A. Champken, of Priest-lane, Pershore, has received notification that her husband, Pte. A. Champken was wounded on May 30. The wound is in the left shoulder, and he has been sent in to the base hospital. He is serving with the 8th Worcesters.

Private Henry Champken 8th (Home Service) Batt. Worcs. Regt. [AL][EJ141024] N.B:- EJ reference spells his name as ``Champkins''

Private H/325722 Jim Champken Worcester Yeomanry. Lived at Talbot Inn [AV18][AV19]

Private William Champken 8th Hussars [AL]

Fred Charlwood 188 Batt., Canadian Buffs. Was paper boy and in printing office at Smith's, Bridge Street. Joined up 1918. Brother of Frank. [SB]

Corporal 1514 William Frank Checketts 1st/8th Worcestershire Regiment. Son of Mr and Mrs. H. Checketts of Head St. Pershore. [EJ140926][AL] NB. Ref AL listed him as a private; he was a Corporal in the Territorials, and saw action until 1916; he was released for important war work but later recalled into the royal Berkshire Regt. ( Private 43100) until the end of the war. One source says the 1st, [AV18][AV19] say it was the 5th Royal Berkshire. Lived in Head Street His health broken by his experiences, he died 3rd July 1920 age 25. Buried in Pershore Cemetery 14th July 1920.[EJ140926][AL] [AV18][AV19][AB]

Sapper Arthur William Chick Royal Engineers, Postal Section. Son of Chick, old Postman, last house in Bridge Street. Went to Italy February 11 1918. Went to France 3rd April 1918. [SB]

C. Chubb Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

James Clarke Lived in Head Street [AV18]

Private Frederick Clarke 8th Worcesters [AL][EJ140926]

Sergeant 202901 Frederick John Clarke R. Warwicks. Lived in Victoria Terrace [AV18][AV19]

Lance-Corporal Ralph Edward Clarke Lived in Head Street [AV18] Was apparently one of the bearers at Harry Smith's funeral, early 1918: his rank was listed there as Lance-corpl.

Ralph Henry Clarke 10th Worcesters. Head Street. Joined up 7th June 1915. Married Lizzie Robbins. [SB]

Charles Clemens No other information. [SB]

Private George Clifton King's Royal Rifles [AL]

Evesham Journal 31 July 1915:-- PERSHORE MAN HOME.

Pte. George Clifton, one of the several soldier sons of Mr. Samuel Clifton, of The Newlands, has just returned to the front after six days' furlough. His home-coming was opportune, though rather sad, for his father is very old and lies seriously ill. Pte. G. Clifton is a splendid type of the British `Tommy'; he seems built just the right way for hard campaigning. He was a reservist in the Royal Rifles and went all through the Boer War without a scratch. He went out with the first Expeditionary Force, and says he shall never forget the wonderful welcome given the Army by the people of France - especially the ladies. His regiment, he says, came off remarkably light in the great retreat from Mons, but have had its full share of death and glory in the subsequent battles of the Aisne, Marne, Soissons and Cateau. He has as yet come through safely, but says that no less than seven times comrades fighting each side of him have been killed, and once he had a marvellous escape only three weeks ago. He brought a wounded pal from the firing line to the dressing station, laid him on the ground and covered him with a coat till the doctor could attend to him. He then went to fetch him some water. He was not more than three minutes away, but when he came back he was shocked to see that a shell had dropped right on the poor fellow and nothing was there but a few shreds of clothing and a hole in the ground. He says he has helped to dig out several `Jack Johnsons' and it takes five men to lift the exploded shell. Speaking of Mons - and it still remains the outstanding fight of the war - he says his regiment, except, perhaps, the officers, were positively not aware that the actual turning movement had taken place, and that it was the German who were retreating until one man noticed that the sun one morning was shining on their right, instead of on their left as before. Soldiers actually cried for joy on learning the truth. Just at that time he says they were hedged about with spies, and relates one instance of the penalty suffered by two of them. An old man, who affected a very simple manner, and his son, had followed their regiment for weeks selling cakes and sweetmeats. They were popular with the men but they asked so many questions as to the movements of the troops that the suspicions of an officer who overheard the boy one morning were aroused and they were closely watched. Proof was soon forthcoming of their traitorous conduct, and he, Pte. Clifton, was one of the squad that had to carry out the death sentence. As hard a soldier as he is, Pte. Clifton could not speak of the awful losses his gallant Royal Rifles have suffered without a trace of feeling. The battalion went out thirty over strength and on the last roll call just before he left only 40 of the rank and file and one officer - the old Colonel - were left to respond. They have lost, he says, over 200 officers and 3,000 casualties rank and file. His trench, he says, is only 22 yards from the German trench, and the feeling that it might at any time be blown up is not comfortable. A change is noticeable among the Germans, he biggest proof being in the ever-increasing number that steal away when the slightest opportunity occur and surrender. The Saxons are the best liked, the Prussians, Bavarians, and Wurtemburgers keep up their old hatred. He had no idea when the war would be over; they in the trenches knew really very little. Any big event happening in any other theatre of the war was posted up in the trenches.

Private Thomas Clifton King's Royal Rifles [AL]

Private William Clifton Army Service Corps [AL]

Capt. Neville Eden Cobbold 159 Labour Coy. Lived in High Street [AV18][AV19]

George Henry Coldicott Lived in Broad Street [AV18]

Harry Coldicott Son of ``Bussie'' Coldicott, Broad Street. Joined up 1916. Royal Field Artillery: it's mentioned in his brother Albert's obituary (See above) that he was serving at the front in November 1916. [SB]

Private William Coldicott Warwicks, died in training, sometime before Jan 1916. Source: [EJD16], though this ref spells his name as Caldicott

A. Cole Territorials: he is named in the EJ140926 listing, but no other information. It is possible that he was Arthur Cole, younger brother (b 1887) of the Charles Cole mentioned below, also of Moor, but evidently survived the war, and so is not listed on any local memorial.

Private 242600 Charles Cole 1/8th Battalion Worcestershire regiment. Soldiers Died records that he was born Pershore, and enlisted at Pershore. Served France and Flanders, killed in action 5th April 1917 age 33. Buried at Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery. Not listed on the Pershore Abbey memorial: he appears to be Charles James Cole, from Hill and Moor. b 1884,

B. Collins Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

B. Collins Territorials [EJ140926]

B Collins Territorials (EJ140926)

Private Charles Collins Mounted Infantry [AL]

Lance Corpl. 2073 E.G. Collins Worcester Yeomanry - listed as missing in Evesham Journal May 20 1916

Trooper Ernest Collins Worcs. Yeomanry [AL]

Private 20739 Frank Collins 9th Worcesters. Lived at Pershore Fields. Went out 29th Dec 1914. Wounded in the advance on Baghdad. [AV18][AV19][SB]

Private 019255 George Collins A.O.C. Lived in Newlands. [AV18][AV19] See Photo  Born in 1883 to  George & Lizzie Collins of Head Street. Married in 1910 to Clara Louise Robbins and living in Newlands in 1911. Occupation listed as House Painter. Father of Kathleen, Nora & George Collins. Died in 1950

George John Collins Lived in Newlands [AV18][AV19]

Private Herbert Collins 6th Worcesters [AL]

Gunner 87121 Samuel Richard Collins Royal Garrison Artillery. Lived in Lunn's Yard. [AV18][AV19] Evesham Journal 16 June 1917 - ``Mrs. Collins, of High-street, has heard that her husband, Pte. Sam Collins, has been shot in the left arm. He has two other brothers in the service.''

Corporal Thomas Collins National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL]

2nd Lieut. William Peter Conly 200 N.T. Squad R.F.C. Lived at Coventry Terrace [AV18][AV19]

Private Edward Thomas Conn 8th Worcesters [EJ140926][AL][SB] Eldest son of Edward and Ellen Conn of 1 Victoria Terrace. Joined up April 1st 1915. Was wounded by January 1917 - see the following entry for his brother Harold.

Thomas Alfred Conn Third son of Edw. Conn. Joined up April 16th 1918, didn't go out. [SB]

Sapper 569987 George Henry Cook Royal Engineers. Lived in Head Street. Sept 1914. (Married Mrs ``Factory'' Twigg's daughter. [AV18][AV19][SB]

William Cook No other information. [SB]

Staff-Sergeant Major James John Cooke. 17th Lancers, 8th Reserve Cavalry Regt. Lived in High Street [AL][AV18][AV19] AV19 says 1st reserve.

Lieut. A.J. Coombe Evesham Journal 29 July 1916 says that this man was wounded, and had been a member of Pershore's hockey club.

Private 13381 Benjamin Coombe 12th Hants. Lived in Head Street. Father of Phyllis. Joined up 1915, went to Salonica Sept. 1915. (AL listed him as a Kitchener's Army recruit) [AL][AV18][AV19][SB]

Private Charles H. Coombe 8th (Res) Worcs. Regt. [EJ141003][AL]

Driver T4/065600 Charles William Coombe Driver in Army Service Corps. Lived in Bachelor's Entry. Grandson of ``Watercress Betsy''. Joined up in 1918 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Private John Coombe King's Royal Rifles. Listed as wounded in 1915 Pershore Almanac. Lived in Newlands [AL][AV18]

Evesham Journal 14 August 1915:-- A BRIEF RESPITE. Pte. Jack Coombe, of the Newlands, Pershore, is home on seven days' leave. He went out with his regiment, the King's Royal Rifles, at the commencement of the war and has taken part in many of the big fights in the western theatre of the war. He was wounded in the wrist in the first engagement of the Aisne, but was out of the French Hospital in time to take part in the battle of Neuve Chapelle. [rest of article is continued under William Hall]

Private Ronald Coombe Inns of Court [AL]

R.E. Coombes Public School Corps

Lieut. Ronald Edmond Coombe Evesham Journal 22 July 1916 - ``Pershore casualties. Many Pershore officers and men are taking part in the great offensive in France, and each list of casualties published is scanned with grave concern. The past week has been a black one, and the deepest sympathy of the people go out towards those who are sorrowing for the death or disablement of those dear to them. News has been received that Lieut. Cecil H. Lushington is wounded and missing, and Lieut. Ronald Coombe is wounded in hospital. The former was a prominent fruit grower of this district, and the latter was also in the same line of business, being a pupil of Mr. E.P. Whiteley. The Pershore wounded also include Lieut. Robert Lees, son of Mrs Lees, Broad Street, and Corpl. Douglas Hook, son of Sergt. Richard Hook, recruiting officer for Pershore'' Combe, Ronald Edmond. ( note surname spelt differently.) Joined the O.T.C. 9/10/14, Regimental Number 1653, served in "E" Company, commissioned in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment as 2nd Lieutenant 5/3/15, attached Lancashire Fusiliers, served France and Flanders, attained the rank of Captain, wounded once, awarded the Military Cross. His permanent address in this country is Heathercot, St.Olaves, West Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Now in India. [AL] lists him as a Private in Inns of Court; [EJ140926] puts him in the Public School Corps (and spells his name ``Coombes''.

Victor George Coombe Brother of Charles William, Joined up 1918. [SB]

Private William Coombe 8th Worcesters. Lived in Melen's Row [AL][AV18]

W. Coombes Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

W. Coombes Territorials - had served in S. Africa [EJ140926]

Gunner 851134 John William Cooper 2/1 Notts. Bty., R.F.A. Lived in Newlands. [AV18][AV19]

John Henry Cornelius (`Harry') See Photo Farrier Sergeant A Squadron Worcester Yeomanry. Served in Mediterranean (great expeditionary force) disembarked at Alexandria, Egypt 24 April 1915. Lived at Knight's Buildings [AL][EJ140926][AV18]

171763 Thomas George Cornelius A.S.C. Lived in High Street [AV18][AV19] Was he the Sapper T. Cornelius of the Royal Engineers, brother in law of Thomas Pugh, who attended Thomas' funeral March


Private Alfred Joseph Cosnett Knight Buildings. Army Service Corps. Ammunition Corps. Brother of Herbert Thomas. D. South Wales. Went out August 1914 [SB][AL] AL says South Wales Borderers, perhaps confusing with John Henry.

Arthur Cosnett No other information. [SB]

Private Charles Cosnett 8th Worcesters/Reservist [EJ141003][AL]

Trooper 16632 Charles William Cosnett Worcs. Yeomanry. Lived in Knight's Buildings. [AL][AV18][AV19]

Private 30254 George Cosnett 2/4 Dorsets. Lived in Head Street [AV18][AV19]

Private Herbert Cosnett Kitchener's Army [AL]

John Henry Cosnett South Wales Border. Brother of Alfred Joseph. Went out 1914. Lost his leg. Now (1927) in England making artificial limbs. [SB]

Private Joseph Cosnett Brother of Mrs Florence Burt. Head Street. 1/8th Worcesters/reserves. In Italy May 1915 [EJ141003][AL][SB]

Private Joseph Edward Cosnett Army Service Corps. Lived in Knight's Buildings. In England on land. Went out 1915 [AL][AV18][SB]

Private Levi Cosnett 8th Worcesters - had served in S. Africa Lived in Meredith's Row [EJ141003][AL][AV18]

Private 208894 Sydney/Sidney Cosnett 8th Worcesters. Lived in Knight's Buildings. Went out in 1914. [AL][AV18][AV19][SB]

W. Cosnett DISCHARGED. Medically unfit or over age [AL]

Private 16632 Walter Cosnett Lived in Knight's Buildings. Kitchener's Army [AL][EJ140926]; 11th Worcs. [AV18][AV19] Went out in 1914. In Salonica. [SB]

Private William Cosnett National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL]

William Charles Cosnett Knights Buildings. Worcs. Yeomanry. Served in England on land. Lost two toes. Went out in 1914. [SB]

F. Cowley Worcesters [EJ151106]

Private 101546 John Charles (``Jack'') Cowley 627 Ag. Co. Labour Corps. 7 labour Coy. Living in Head Street, at Mrs. William Mumford's (Widow of William Mumford) near Mission Hall. October 1916 [AV18][AV19][SB]

Private Leonard Cowley 8th (Res.) Worcs, Regt. [AL][EJ141003]

Private William Cowley Kitchener's Army [AL] In Evesham Journal 28 April 1917, an article entitled `Pershore Officers' quotes some of a letter home by Will Cowley of the Worcesters, about the death of William Price. See that entry for the text.

Gunner 845701 James William Cowper R.F.A. Lived at Coventry Terrace [AV18][AV19]

Charles Crooke Son of Sergt. Samuel Crooke; called up in 1918 aged 18 years.

Sergt. Samuel Crooke National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL] Stationed in Ireland in 1918: see the entry below for his son William 

163438 John Cross R.A.F. Lived in Church Street [AV18][AV19]

G. Curtis DISCHARGED. Medically unfit or over age [AL]

Corporal George Curtis First in R.F.A, then gassed and transferred to Labour Batt. of R.E. Son of Mr Curtis. Went out Christmas 1914 [SB]

Aircraftsman 1st Class Robert William Camden -   Service No 142053.  Robert served n the RAF and he joined about 3 weeks after his 18th birthday on 12 April 1918.  He was posted to the British Expeditionary Force and AD aircraft depot  in France . He was then transferred to 12 Squadron until 13th October 1919 having been appointed Aircraftsman 1st class. Commemorated on Wyre Piddle War Memorial. Robert was the son of Benjamin and Amy Camden of Wyre Piddle.He married Beatrice Teague in 1922 in Pershore. He died in 1937.

Harry Cornelius

George John Collins 1883 - 1950 (see above)

Surnames beginning with D

Harold A Dancocks 6th Worcesters; was a bandsman around January 1918 (see above). Born 1900, he survived the war: died in 1962, buried at Pershore Cemetery.

Private 2246 Hubert George Daniels 51st Grad. Bn. Devons. Lived in Worcester Street [AV18][AV19]

John Francis Darbyshire Lived in the High Street. [AV18]

Private 236158 Frank Davis Lived in Bridge Street. [AV18][AV19] Listed in Evesham Journal 29 July 1916 as having been a member of Pershore hockey club.

Private J.E.V. Davis 2nd Worcesters [AL]

Col.-Sergt.-Inst. J. Davis 8th Worcesters - had served in S. Africa [AL][EJ140926]

Rifleman 51269 Percy Edward Davis 15th Royal Irish Rifles. Lived in Broad Street [AV18][AV19] Listed by Evesham Journal 29 July 1916 as having been a member of Pershore Hockey Club

Lieut. George Deakin, M.C Royal Engineers. Lived at the Hall. [AV18][AV19]

Evesham Journal 22 September 1917:-- ``2nd Lieut. George Deakin, R.E., son of Mr. W.R. Deakin, of Pershore, has been awarded the Military Cross. When in charge of buried cable communications he displayed the greatest energy and courage in supervising the work of leading in cables, frequently under heavy shell fire from the enemy's guns, and in remaining behind after digging parties had been withdrawn owing to hostile fire, in order to conceal all traces of the cable from the enemy. His fearless personal reconnaissance’s and fine example of determination to complete his work on all occasions greatly inspired his men and kept communications open during the operations.''

Evesham Journal, 13 April 1918:-- LIEUT. GEORGE DEAKIN, M.C. WOUNDED. Lieut. George Deakin. the son of Mr. W.H. Deakin, J.P. and Mrs. Deakin, of The Hall, Pershore, and Bradford Place, Wigan, received a gunshot wound in the left thigh on Sunday March 24. He is now lying at the American Red Cross Hospital for Officers at Lancaster Gate, London, W. The wounded officer received his education at New College, Harrogate, and Cheltenham Grammar School. He was school captain at Cheltenham. He was also captain of the football team, and held the Vassar-Smith Spots Challenge Cup, succeeding his brother, the late Lieut. Robert Hartley Deakin (Indian Army) attached R.F.C. who was killed in action on July 22 1917. Five of Mrs Deakin's sons have entered the Army, all as voluntary soldiers, four having received commissions into the regular Army. Two graduated from Woolwich, and two from Sandhurst. The youngest son, Stanley, was commissioned into the Indian Army in September last at the age of 19, and is now serving in India.

Subaltern James Stanley Deakin 84th Punjabis (Indian Army). Lived at The Hall. Commissioned into Indian Army in September 1917, aged 19. [AV18][AV19]

Captain William George Deakin R.F.A. according to Absent Voter list, but see below. Lived at the Hall. [AV18][AV19]

Evesham Journal, 1 June 1918:-- BROTHER OFFICERS DECORATED. Capt. William G. Deakin, Royal Horse Artillery, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Deakin, of The Hall, Pershore, has been awarded the Military Cross for distinguished conduct and devotion to duty in the field. The officer has served in France continuously since he was commissioned in the artillery from the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in November 1915. His brother, Lieut. George Deakin, M.C., R.E., who was wounded in the operations of March, has been awarded a bar to the Military Cross. He won the Military Cross in June 1917.

Private 15347 Charley Denley 3rd Battalion Worcester Regiment. Born Pershore; enlisted at Worcester, living at Kidderminster at time of enlistment. Died 18 April 1915 [Soldiers Died]

Corporal Alfred Dennick National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL]

Private John Dennick Royal Artillery [AL]

Private Thomas Dennick. King's Royal Rifles [AL]

Charles Frankland Dent Lived at Morland House, Bridge Street [AV18]

Private 12833 Evan Joseph Dolphin Kings' Shropshire Light Infantry. Lived in No Gains [AL][Av18][AV19] AL lists him as a Kitchener's Army volunteer.

F. Dolphin Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

Corporal 28620 Frederick James Dolphin Royal Engineers. Lived in No Gains [AL][AV18][AV19] AL lists him as a Private.

Private Henry Dolphin National Reserve (Railway Guard) [AL]

Private 91889 James Hayward Dolphin 154 Lab. Cps. Lived in Bridge Street. [AV18][AV19]

192886 Lawrence James Dolphin 3rd A.M. Dorsets. Lived in Head Street [AV19]

Lieutenant Arthur Dowty. South Staffordshire regiment [AL] The 1915 Almanac also mentions that he left Pershore for active service on October 1st 1915, having secured a commission as Second Lieutenant in the 9th Division South Staffordshire Regiment.

Berrow’s Worcester Journal 3 October 1915 - PERSHORE OFFICERS DEPARTURE, Mr. H.G. Dowty, fifth son of the late Mr. W. Dowty, chemist, Pershore, who has obtained the position of second lieutenant in the Staffordshire Regiment, left on Monday to join his regiment at Lichfield. He is an old Worcester Grammar School boy. On completion of his schooling, he went in for chemistry. Later he had a desire to join the Army, and eventually entered the Army Medical Corps in December 1911. He remained there until June 1913, when, on the death of his father, he left to come home and assist in the business. He was also at one time an assistant to Mr. C.H. Steward of Worcester.

During the time he has been back in Pershore, he has become very popular, and has closely associated himself with the local Boy Scout movement, acting as instructor for the past nine months. At the outbreak of the war, he .volunteered for any branch in the Army, and signed on into Army Reserve. Congratulations and good wishes will go out to him and his family

Private William Dufty Coldstream Guards [AL]

59667 William Dufty Royal Fusiliers. Lived Little Priest Lane [AV18][AV19]

Sergeant 290954 Joseph Henry Dyer 17th Glosters Lived in ``Dwelling-House'' [AV18][AV19]

Walter Charles Davis

Surnames beginning with E

Private Charles Edginton Kitchener's Army [AL]

W. Edginton Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

E.J. Edwards Kitchener's Army [EJ140926]

Ernest Edwards Lived in Priest Lane [AV18]

Private Ernest Edwards Royal Artillery [AL]

Lance-Corporal R.C. Edwards Worcs. Yeomanry [EJ140926][AL] EJ140926 lists him as a Trooper. [AL] also includes him as one of those who volunteered for service at the front on August 24th 1914. Pershore heritage centre has a photograph of him in uniform, on horseback; also in a group photo (1915) of Pershore troop No. 3 `D' squadron, and a group photo taken in Egypt. He owned a drapers shop: there is an advertisement in the 1915 Pershore almanac mentioning that the shop is still open. There is a passing mention in Evesham Journal April 7 1917 about Mr. Peter Hanson, who is managing the drapery business at Pershore for Trooper R.C. Edwards, now a prisoner of the Turks.

Evesham Journal 29 December 1917 - IN THE HANDS OF THE TURKS.

From a letter recently received by Mr. Peter Hanson of Pershore, it would appear that Sergt. R.C. Edwards, of the Worcestershire Yeomanry, is in good health, and not very much cast down at his captivity by the Turks. On the very day war was declared against Germany, Sergeant Edwards turned over his business to Mr. Peter Hanson (from whom he purchased it) and joined up. He passed the riding school examination the first day, and after a few month' training was sent out. He was fortunate to emerge unscathed from the Gallipoli campaign, and was afterwards taken prisoner on Easter Sunday, 1916 with other Pershore men, including Sergt. Sid Parkes, Arthur Blizzard, Maurice Sanders etc.; Jack Grundy being killed. In his letter Sergt. Edwards says with relish he learns that another big batch of parcels has arrived at Angora. He goes on: ``I expect you wonder what we do with our time. At present we are working on a railway line right out in the country. We get one day off in seven to mend and do our washing. I have a grand job today, being what we call sive-gar, that is water carrier for the working party. If it were beer or cider I expect I should have a far busier time. Sid Parkes and Arthur Blizzard send their best wishes to the `Mayor' (Mr. Hanson). Parky has become quite an expert with a pick-axe, and Arthur is a marvel on a shovel. We are all in the pink, and being fond of work (? ?) make the best of things. The weather here is lovely in the daytime, but the nights begin to get cold. Last year we had good weather over Christmas, Please remember me to everybody...''

Guy Leigh Elkington Lived at Amerie Court [AV18]

Dr Herbert Bree Emerson Army Service Medical Corps. Lived at Pershore House [AV18] See Photo

Evesham Journal 28 April 1917 – “DR EMERSON’S ESCAPE”. Dr H B Emerson joined the Army Service Medical Corps in the first month of this year, following his junior partner, Dr. A.L. Askham, who after a year's hard work in France has resumed his practice at home. Now that it has been officially reported that the hospital ship, Gloucester Castle, was torpedoed without warning in mid-Channel on the night of March 30-31, we are at liberty to state that Dr. Emerson was performing his duties on that ship, and had a memorable experience. The doctor was one of the many saved by a destroyer, which was within signalling

distance, and we are glad to say he is none the worse for his exciting adventure. After a few days at home he has returned to resume his duties.'' (rest of story continued under the Frank Anstie entry)

Nurse Mary Emerton - Evesham Journal 2 Nov 1917 ``LOCAL NURSES HONOURED. Miss Mary Emerton, older daughter of Mrs. Emerton, of Pershore has just been awarded the War Office red stripes for service and efficiency as a V.A.D. nurse. She is at present stationed at the Garrison Military Hospital, Harwich, where she has been for the past 18 months.''

Joseph Evans Lived in Newlands [AV18]

Private Thomas Evans Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry [AL]

Dr Herbert Bree Emerson of Pershore House who was Captain in the Armed Forces Medical Corp during WW1. Photographs kindly submitted by his Grandson.

Surnames beginning with F

Alfred John Fagg Lived 2 Church Road [AV18]

A. Farmer Kitchener's Army [EJ140926

66866 Arthur Farr Royal Army Medical Corps. Lived in Nogains. [AV18][AV19]

Corporal Sidney Faulkner Worcs. Yeomanry [AL][EJ140926] Included in a 1915 group photo of the Pershore Troop (no. 3 `D' company); photo in Pershore Heritage centre.

Private 4627 William Fearnside H.A.C. Lived Bridge Street. [AV19]

Evesham Journal, November 6 1915:-- MR W. FEARNSIDE ENLISTS. Mr. W. Fearnside, of Pershore, secretary of the Cooperative Fruit Market and Fruit Growers Association, has resigned these positions and left his business to enlist in the Honourable Artillery Company (Infantry Section) London. His manager, Mr. J. Cliff is left in sole charge of the business, and he will also take over the duties as secretary of the local branch of the Fruit and Vegetable Growers Products Committee, which Mr. Fearnside has carried out with remarkable success. Mr. Fearnside was a member of the Pershore Volunteer Training Corps, and attained creditable efficiency in a course of signalling training under Mr. E.C. Cholmondeley at Eckington.

Private Sidney G. Fell Royal Warwicks [AL]

Private Alfred Ferris 8th Worcesters. Lived at London Bank [EJ141024][AL][AV18]

Arthur Nillson Field R.N.V.R. Lived at Southern House [AV18][AV19]

Private R.G. Field Evesham Journal, 4 May 1918:-- FORMER PERSHORE MAN WOUNDED. Pte. R.G. Field, late of the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, now of Sherwood Foresters, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Field, of 21, Water Orton Road, Sunnyside, Oxford, late of Pershore, was wounded on April 17, for the second time, and is now in the 2nd Australian General Hospital, France.

Evesham Journal October 26 1918:-- PERSHORE MAN GASSED. Pte. R.G. Field, of the Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry, attached to the King's Shropshire Light Infantry, was gassed on October 4, and is now in 2nd Stationary Hospital, France, but is now going on well. He was wounded twice previously - in July and April this year. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Field, 21 Wate Eaton-road, Sunnymeade, Oxford, late of Pershore.

Private 20365 Robert Footman 12th Battalion Worcestershire regiment. Actually born in Dudley, Worcs, but included here because he was living in and enlisted at Pershore. Died in the UK 9th June 1915 [Soldiers Died]

108748 Edward Ford Sec 21, R.E. Lived in High Street [AV18][AV19]

Private W. Ford